About Us

Founded in 2009 Finspeed set out on a mission to develop the best performing, most technologically advanced forged wheels in the motorsports space. Located in Pflugerville Texas, mere minutes away from the Circuit of the Americas (COTA), Finspeed proudly designs, engineers, tests, and manufactures cutting edge wheels exclusively in the USA.

The Finspeed difference

When founder, Daniel Finke noticed a pattern in on-track wheel failures as race tires became increasingly stickier, he took a step back and looked at how manufacturers were designing performance wheels. What he found was the current industry standard process focused on ease of manufacturing and revolved largely around modifying an existing wheel to fit a new application. There were limited considerations given to the unique needs of each new vehicle, and the resulting products left much to be desired.

With that in mind, Finke created Finspeed and set out to design and build the most thoughtfully crafted, purpose-engineered wheels available. The Finspeed recipe consists of an intensive, proprietary engineering process, rigorous on-track testing and data gathering, and two decades of experience working alongside professional race teams and OEM vehicle manufacturers. The overwhelming results have elevated Finspeed to unique heights among motorsports manufacturers and deliver a performance wheel product unlike any other.

Every Finspeed custom wheel receives the same attention to detail, engineering scrutiny, and personalized design for the vehicle at hand. Finspeed, and its talented team of engineers stand at the ready to take your racing program, track car, or dream vehicle to the next level.