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Finspeed delivers an unmatched engineering approach toward custom wheels. Rather than follow the industry standard and modify existing wheels for new applications, every Finspeed wheel is designed using a state-of-the-art proprietary engineering process to ensure it performs perfectly on your exact vehicle - down to the tires you plan to use.

Countless development hours on grueling tracks such as Sebring, troves of amassed track data, and experience in gritty, wheel-to-wheel racing have given Finspeed an unmatched performance advantage, as well as industry-beating, custom-wheel lead times.

Each custom Finspeed wheel will include a personalized consultation to better understand your vehicle’s individual needs. Topics such as style of competition, tire type, etc. help engineers deliver a wheel that is optimized to perform beyond expectations.

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Custom for Every Application
Designed specifically to your needs. Down to the tires used.
Over 28 Color Options
Powdercoated, brushed, and polished - all with custom tints available

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