Finspeed F10

The Finspeed F10 wheel delivers an elegant and precise 10-spoke aesthetic that is perfect for the street or the track. Its race-derived pedigree is based on a robust forged 6061 aluminum monoblock design and is available in an array of head-turning finishes. Features such as Ultralite machining, Knurled Bead Seats, and Pro options are also available.


The RT option opens the center of the wheel allowing easier access to the lugs and removes approximately 1 lb per wheel. There is no provision for a center cap with the RT option, and the RT option is not compatible with the Centerlock option. $0 No Cost Option Per Wheel

Center Lock

The Center Lock option is required when using a uni-lug hub. Examples are the factory Porsche center lock, and many other racing applications. This option cannot be combined with the RT option. $0 No Cost Option Per Wheel

Knurled Bead Seat

The Knurled Bead Seat option increases friction in the contact areas where the wheel meets the tire, and limits tire slippage under heavy braking and acceleration. This option is highly recommended for track use. Included at no charge


The Ultralite option is an additional machining process that removes material from low stress areas on the extremities of the wheel. This option allows us to produce a more deep/narrow spoke and ultimately a stronger wheel. It removes approximately .75 lbs per wheel and has a dynamic effect on rotating mass. This option is available on all wheel models. $250 Option Per Wheel


The Pro option is an additional machining process that removes material from low-stress areas of the wheel, specifically, it I-Beams the spokes. This option removes approximately 1 lb per wheel and is only available on the F10. This option can be combined with the Ultralite option. $250 Option Per Wheel


The Beadlock option clamps the tire's bead to the wheel in order to keep the tire from slipping on the wheel. This option is available for all wheel models. Outer beadlock ring color can customized. $675 Option Per Wheel