Ready To Ship Wheels


After years of producing wheels for legendary makes and models, Finspeed has rolled that wealth of engineering knowledge into a line of stocking wheels for Corvette, Mclaren, and Porsche.

Finspeed’s line of stocking wheels combine cutting-edge engineering, rigorous testing, and unmatched performance into a wheel that is ready and waiting to ship. Ideal for severe track and street duty alike, each Finspeed stocking wheel is purpose-developed for a unique vehicle application. Rather than take a single design and modify the offset and bolt-pattern to suit a particular vehicle application, every Finspeed wheel is designed using a state-of-the-art proprietary engineering process to ensure it performs perfectly on your exact vehicle. Considerations such as corner loads, downforce, fitment, brake clearance, and more are tested, and validated to deliver the best performing wheel possible for that chassis.

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Ready To Ship Wheels

Application specific wheels that are in stock and ready to ship